Jul 28, 2009

Slumber Party

Morning after the party
Lealynn blowing out her candles
Dinner time. They made their own pizza.
Lealynn's Pineapple cake I made.

This was Lealynn's birthday party. She invited some friends and they stay up til 5am and we woke them up around 8ish. It went really well. All the other kids went to my mom for a sleep over. Well, all but one, Nathaniel. He was good and didn't bother the girls.

Jul 19, 2009

Monsoon 2009

This is the first major mosoon storm we have had this year. In the picture is a big sand storm coming towards my apartment. Do you remember the scene in the Mummy where a face appears in the sand wall trying to eat the airplane Brandon Frazier was on. That is how the sand storms here in Mesa AZ look. I am not kidding you. I think it is so cool.

If I have my facts right there are only 2 places in the world with a sand storm like that. Here in AZ and in the Sahara Desert. Because of the intense heat we have. When the heat rises to cool off very quickly at night, it causes high pressure. The low pressure coming from the south, Mexico, it causes this type sand storm.

Jul 15, 2009

Lealynn Rayna

Lea turned 12 on July 6. You do know what that means right! Young Women's & Girls Camp!!!! She is so excited. And she thinks its great she isn't in Elementary School. She will be in Junior High. I was 12 yrs old when I got to wear makeup so I went out and bought her a few. That is also exciting for her.My little girl is now a young lady. Here are 12 things I love about Lea.
1:I love that she quietly does service for others. She is kinda sneaky like that.
2:I love that she reads her scriptures every night to Nathaniel.
3:I love that she tries to be a good example to her younger brothers and sisters.
4:I love that she likes to watch chick flicks with me and eat popcorn with me.
5:I love the way she dances and makes up silly rap songs.
6:I love that she is very technology savvy.She can usually figure things out for me when it comes to cell phone and computers
6:I love that when she is happy, she glows like an angel.
7:I love that she had become a very beautiful daughter of god both inside and out.
8:I love that she is a good friend to all her friends at school.
9:I love that she looks good in short hair.
10:I love that she can now babysit while mom and dad go on dates or if mom just needs to get away for a bit.
11:I love that she very helpful.
12:I love that she is all mine. Our family is so blessed to have Lea in our family. She was able to attend the Mesa AZ Temple with both my husband and me so we can be sealed as a family. Lea started the way for her brothers and sisters to be sealed to us for eternity.Thank You Lea. I love you so much.

Jul 14, 2009

Nathaniel Darrell

Nathaniel Darrell Working joined our family on July 7, 2004. We were so happy he joined our family. He is an awesome boy. When he was "little" his older sister loved to dress him up. For awhile I thought he was going to grow up thinking he is a girl. But he has proved me wrong. He is currently my secret agent spy boy. He is also a super hero. He loves to save the day and make sure mommy is safe. He is learning to be brave. Today he went to the Dentist and was a very good boy. He didn't cry and was so brave. He thought that the bright light above was going to tear his body apart but was glad he was still my big boy.
Since he turned 5 last week I want to tell 5 things I love about Nathaniel.
1: He tries to be the best boy every day. He also is a great "BIG" brother to Ella and Elijah. I can truly see in his eyes that he loves all his sisters and brother.Even when they make him angry, I can still see the love in his eyes.
2:I love that when he smiles, his eye close and he has that "David Archuletta" smile. His happiness just shows me what a great spirit he has.
3:I love that he can't wait till he is 12 so he can pass the sacrament. He thinks that having the Priesthood is way cool because its like having special powers.
4:I love that he owns all the spy gadgets that Walmart sells and he keeps them in his spy bag for emergencies.If I am in any trouble or danger, my secret spy will protect me and save the day.
5:I love that he still loves his mommy and his daddy. I will ask him when I get really old and can't walk very well, if he will still set on my lap. He smiles and says yes. Than I will ask him when he becomes a daddy and has a lot of kids if he will still sit on my lap. He smiles and says yes.Happy Birthday Nanno. I love you so much.


WOW!!!! I can't believe it. I have been a member of the Blogging world for 1 year. Another amazing thing is that I have had 2, 257 awesome people visit my blog. That is so GREAT!!!! I was going to post something on here later tonight because I have a few more items to blog about, but than I received my first comment today wishing me a HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!! Thank you so much Teena in Toronto for that simple comment.
I am not sure what I am suppose to do for my Anniversary. I guess I have to give something away. So I am going to have a giveaway.I have a lucky number. Whoever leaves me a comment on this blog and is the number I pick, or closest to it, will win a SPA BASKET. I will give you until Friday the 17Th, to leave a comment.Oh yeah, the number is between 1 and 10.
Good Luck and may the best person win.