Oct 20, 2008

School and Politics don't go together

My daughter Chayanne came home from school today and brought me a paper she made in class that says....are you ready for this...."I Love You Barack Obama." Now I am not voting for him and I sure wish that the teachers that are voting for him keep it to them selves and not influence our children's minds.
Back to the poster she made. I guess they watched a movie about him and she thinks he is cool because he has an aspiring mind. Ummm...If only she understood what he wants to do to this country huh.

Oct 8, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

I am sad to announce that I will be in the middle of moving for the next few days and may not get my computer up until we get all settled in our (garage). That might be in about a week. So I will need to say good bye until than. Have a fabulous week and weekend.


Elijah got his first tooth Sunday. Yeap!!! I didn't even know until he stuck my finger in his mouth and bit me. He is now 5 1/2 months. He rolls all over the place and loves to scream (happily). When I take him in for his 6 month appt. I will post an updated pic and all that other fun stuff.

Nathaniel and Preschool

When I took Nathaniel to meet his teacher before school started, the teacher asked me what I name i wanted him to learn to write. Well, we don't call him Nathan, we call him Nano. Nano just didn't seem right for him to write on his papers, so I told her that he needs to write Nathaniel. She said that is a long name but with lots of practise he could do it. Well he has been in Preschool for 5 weeks and he can write his name. I am so proud of him. He knows his name starts with the letter N but he forgets the rest. So when he wrote on the door he wrote his name.
Why do kids do that? You would think that if you wrote on something where your not suppose to than you would write some other name. Right!!! When my older girls learned to write their own names they did the exact same thing. I remember Lea scratching her name on the side of my truck with a rock. She would also write her sister, Chayanne's name all over things when Chayanne was only 2. Funny huh.


As few days ago Nathaniel found a green marker. He showed it to me and said he wanted to write on some paper. I told him to keep it on the paper and if I find marks on the wall he was going to get in big trouble. That night I went into his room to gather up dirty clothes and what did I find...I found marks on his DOOR!!! He was asleep so I waited til morning and showed him what I found. I was very upset wit him and I asked him why he did what he did. He looked at me with those innocent 4 yr old eyes and said "You said my wall. I didn't write on my wall see, I wrote on the door". :)