Sep 20, 2009

University of Phoenix ( really long post, sorry)

I have decided to go back to school. I have been talking to Dan a lot lately about furthering my education. Next year Ella will be in kindergarten and I will have Elijah home. It has been so long since I have had only one child home with me all day. Dan said that he has a friend (Janice) that worked for the University of Phoenix. Janice used to work with Dan at the cardiovascular Dr's office.
Before I called Janice, I got on the website a few times and decided to put my info in and have someone call me. Well, as you all know, as soon as I pushed send my phone rang. I was so nervous when I was talking to some guy. When he called me, Elijah was screaming and Ella needed to get ready for school. I told the guy to call me back at 1pm when I got Elijah to sleep and Ella off to school. He never called me. Oh well, his lose.
Another day past and Dan asked me if I called Janice. He said that if I was serious about going back to school I better call. I called Janice that afternoon and she wasn't in. I was so relived.
You have to understand, I haven't been to school since 1994. I got my associates degree in applied science in Cosmetology. That was in 1994. I didn't want to be a hair dresser so I never got my license. Just talking about school was very uncomfortable for me. I have decided my life to my husband and 5 kids and I was okay with that. Until now.
I started thinking that in 5 years I will have all my kids in school and I will be left all alone trying to decided what I want to do. I was again getting scared because I will have no one to care for during the day.
With all that said, I got a phone call. My heart was beating so hard because I thought it might be Janice. I answered the phone and a very nice voice was on the other end of the phone. Janice talked to me like old friends. She was excited about me thinking about going back to school. We talked for awhile and than she said, "I am not an enrollment counselor, but I have a good friend Tanya who is and I will give you her number."
So Tanya called me right away. We talked about why I wanted to attend the UofP. Tanya also worked with Dan. That made a difference because I knew if Dan liked her so will I. I told Tanya that I wanted to go into Elementary Education. Tanya asked me why and I said that I have 5 kids and I feel comfortable around little kids. I know how to work with them. Tanya pointed out that I would be limiting myself to just education. I wasn't sure if I wanted that. So, we both decided that Human Resources would be more rewarding for me.
Tanya and I did my admission and loan all online. Yeap you heard me, ONLINE. When I got accepted and approved for my loan my heart stopped. I have not been accepted for anything in a LONG time. This was huge. I now had a commitment I had to make. No backing out. NONE!!!! It was now or never. I am happy to say I am ready NOW to focus on me (for a few hours a day) and it feels great.
I am proud to announce that I am going to get my associates degree in Human Resource Management. I am going to AXIA through UofP. AXIA is an online college. WooHoo!!! That is just what I wanted. The flexibility of attending my classes any time of the day.Tanya has helped me
all the way. Tanya has walked with me all the way and has helped me with my fear of school. She is a great admission counselor.
I have finished my first week of classes. I attend 2 classes every 9 weeks. It will take me 3 years to get my degree. I have really enjoyed this first week. I know that it will get better. I already learned a lot this first week. A little over whelming but I think I got the hang of it.
Tanya is still by my side and I am so grateful for that. Dan is also happy to see that I am furthering my education and it has but him to ease. My kids are awesome too. I think my 2 older kids are proud of me. I am one lucky wife, mother,daughter, daughter-in-law, and grand daughter because I have a huge support group. They all know I am doing this for ME!!! and also so my family.
Thank you Tanya for all your help and comfort. I will miss hearing from you every day. I know I will be okay. I look forward to getting my degree in 3 years and I owe some of that to you.
I thank my Father in heaven because he has giving me the courage to get out of my comfort zone. He also has blessed to already by opening my mind up to knew ideas that I have had while attending my first week of school. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
So now I will be sharing a little with you each week of what I am doing in my classes. I could also use your insight on the different topic I am learning.

Sep 1, 2009

Mother Nature

My visiting teacher came over this week. She always brings me something and my kids something. One visit she brought me vegtables from her garden and she brought some books for my kids so look at while we visit. So is such a sweet lady and I love her so much.
Well this week she brought me some more yummy veggies from her garden and she brought a birds nest that had dropped from the bish it was in by her house. Now this nest is so cool looking. It is very interesting to see what this mommy bird used to make this nest.The kids and I found an old sock and a shoe lace all wound up in this nest. And it had a small leaf on top to hide 3 little eggs. It is sad to say that I don't think the eggs made it.
Chayanne took the nest to school to show her class and it is still there.