Mar 8, 2010

Memories in the new house

I finally took a picture of our new house. Even though we are just renting this house, we have started making memories here. Memories that will stay with our family forever. These memories are both spiritual and physical.
One of the memories is of Nathaniel. When we lived in the apartments he broke the training wheels off of Ella's bike. Dan took the training wheels off and told Nathaniel he would teach him to ride a bike. Learning to ride a bike in an apartment complex is quite dangerous especially when the tenants don't slow down even if there are kids playing.
If you know my Nathaniel, he is a little scared to try knew things. He is very careful so he doesn't get hurt. Nathaniel is scared of heights and fast things. He did not like to swing. He would scream bloody murder if you dared to push him just a hair. Yeah. Can you believe that!!! He is scared to go fast because he feels out of control. Anyways, Nathaniel taught himself how to ride a bike. We kind of showed him the basic and he would fall. He kept falling so he decided he didn't have to learn to ride a bike, after all he is a super hero who can fly.
A few days ago I looked out the window and saw him riding the bike. He keeps going faster and faster and he says he likes the wind in his hair. I am so proud of him for being brave enough to learn to ride his bike. I think now my super hero can finally hang up his cape and ride like the wind.

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Ashley said...

hooray for Nathaniel and what a sweetie--such determination!

Congrats on the new home!