Jan 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year.

We had our annual New Years Eve party at my house. The Bigelows, Nuemeyers, and the Workings (aka David,Jen, & Kids), came over. We had a lot of food and fireworks to keep us awake and busy. This year Lea, Kylee, and Dallin were able to hang with us "old" people for awhile before going to the church New Years Eve Dance. Next year, Chayanne and Hannah will be able to go. Although Hannah sneaked into the dance with her firend. (shh). Here are some of the fun pictures that were taken from the party. I guess I didn't get many pictures of the adults that attended the party. Oh well.. maybe next year.

Jennifer, Alexa, and Chanyanne

David and hs two girls Lea and Alexa. When Lea was a baby, David and her were inseperable. Lea was his "daughter" until Alexa arrived three years later.

Stephanie, Laura (from Spain), and Lea

All the kids that attended the party.

Making glitter crowns for the party. Megan, Elijah,Sarah,Alexa, and Isabella

Dan the the boys

Lealynn's First Home Game

For one of our family home evenings in Dec we went to Lea's first basketball home game. Even though we lost, it was great to see Lea. One of the things I love about our big family is that we are a loud cheering squad for each member of our family. It was a fun night.

I know this is a really bad picture but I loved how it came out.

Super star of the night. I love her so much.

Some of Lea's friends. Laura next to Lea and Lucy in front.

Chayanne having fun squishing the kids. Nathaniel, Elijah, & Isabella


This is our new addition to our family. She joined our family when she was 6 weeks old. She is half Chihuahua and half miniature Grey Hound. In this picture she is 9 months old.
 Here is her side view. She is turning into a great family member. We all love her so much.
 Here is Arya in her winter sweater. Lealynn and Chayanne both say she looks like the magic carpet off of Aladdin. I think she looks cute. She loves it.