Oct 12, 2009


I could not help myself, I had to post a picture of my wonderful, handsome husband.

Walking every morning

Dan and I have been walking every morning around 5am until 6am. Dan has been doing this for about 3 or 4 weeks now and is loosing weight like crazy. He walks about a mile and a half. He will be going for 2 miles this week. He has also cut back on his diabetic meds and asthma meds. It is great to see him so dedicated to his health.
I have been walking for a week now. I walk a mile everyday. I feel so good afterwards and have more energy. I like that I don't have my kids around and I can have some alone time. I don't mind having Dan with me. We stay out of each others way.
We wake up one of the girls to come lay by Elijah in our bed. That will keep him asleep a little longer while I am gone.
Last week we came home and found Lea and Elijah holding each other fast asleep.

Papa's Visit

My dad came to visit over General Conference. We love it when he comes to visit. We wish we lived closer to him. Someday.
I don't know why I didn't get a picture with the older girls. But than again, these are not the best pictures. I am sorry for that.
When I told my dad to look at me he looked down. In the middle picture, Nathaniel is holding up his Wolverine claws and Ella is just posing. In the last picture, Elijah was wearing my dad's boots. He would not leave them alone.
All my kids loved my dad's boots. They think he is a real cowboy for wearing them. When my dad wears his cowboy hat, my kids are asking him about cowboy things. It is so funny. One question they ask him is if he always wears his boots. I don't think my kids have seen him wear anything else but his cowboy boots.

Oct 1, 2009


You know Fall is here when you can sleep with the air conditioner off and windows open. You know Fall is here when you can leave your air conditioner off until around noon. You know Fall is here when you drive the kids to school with all the windows open. You know Fall is here when you here little voices in the van (with all the windows down) saying,"I'm cold, roll the windows up. You know Fall is here when you wake up and go to bed with beautiful cool weather. I wish it would stay like this all year round. You know Fall is here when the air is nice and crisp in the morning.
YES!!! There is Fall in the city of Mesa. We may not have the beautiful fall leaves, but the nice cool breeze is such a welcome to all that live in this city. Remember it is usually around 110 degrees all summer long.