Oct 20, 2008

School and Politics don't go together

My daughter Chayanne came home from school today and brought me a paper she made in class that says....are you ready for this...."I Love You Barack Obama." Now I am not voting for him and I sure wish that the teachers that are voting for him keep it to them selves and not influence our children's minds.
Back to the poster she made. I guess they watched a movie about him and she thinks he is cool because he has an aspiring mind. Ummm...If only she understood what he wants to do to this country huh.


julie_77 said...

So are you going to say anything to her teacher? I wonder what the school's policy is on that kind of thing.

Slice of life said...

I think that is awful!

Anonymous said...

I think that is awful for a teacher to give out information like that to their student. They should just keep in the class room. and not take them home. Us parent may not feel good about things like that. Just use your judgment on that and I know you will do the right thing.