Mar 16, 2009

Spring Break

This week is my girls Spring Break. We will be visiting the park a alot, the library, and maybe Peter Piper Pizza for their lunch special. I will be taking a lot of pictures this week to post. Stay tune.

Mar 5, 2009

LICE Invasion !!!!!!

Yeap you read that right. We have some new annoying pets. Although these pets I am trying to get rid of. We have been battling this for 3 days now. The older girls are able to go back to school today. I am still cleaning like crazy to make sure these guys are dead and gone. I did my spring cleaning early this year and I will be doing it again for a few more days. Its kind of hard to tell where they came from. I think maybe school. Oh well what matters is that we get them the HECK out of our house.

Mar 2, 2009

New Ward

We finally attended our new ward. As we found a parking space we noticed that there weren't very many parked cars. Everyone including Dan we doubting me when I told them our ward started at 11. We go and sit in the chapel and look around. There still weren't a lot of people and I thought they were all running late. When primary came around, our 4 kids made up the other half of primary. We have a lot of "more matured adults" than younger adults. It is a very nice ward. I think that it is great that my kids can see how different ward work. I think we were all expecting a big ward because we are in a city and we came from a big ward. Primary runs differently in this ward. There are no Jr and Sr primary.My older girls and 1 or 2 more kids make up Sr. primary. So there is primary for all the kids and than Sunday school. When we were leaving my husband said he had a chance to talk with our bishop. Bishop told Dan that the whole ward fast and prayed that they would expand their attendance in the ward. That same month, we moved in to our apartment, and another in-active family started coming back to church. So our ward were so grateful we moved in.
Being a small ward, I know that my family and I can bring more to this ward. I think I am going to really enjoy this ward.

2 things...

1) I am thankful for a good nights sleep. With that I mean sleeping for than 5 hours. Elijah is still waking up in the middle of the night and I can't figure out why. We are moving him back in our room to see if he will sleep all night. We have always been in the same room since he was born. Hopefully that may help.
2)I am also thankful for hugs. Being sick and have sick kids there was a lot of hugging going on. Not that I only hug my kids when they are sick but for some reason there is just a little bit more going around.

Sick of being Sick

It is so nice when you have a family of 7 most of those kids and they get sick. It seems to run a little bit longer and boy it is exhausting. Fist Elijah got sick. I thought it was allergies and teething. But than he ran a fever for a few days and than a cough and the runny nose. He hardly slept at all those few night. And than Isabella got the fever but it last a little longer. Than the cough and runny nose. When she is sick she sleeps. Than it was Nathaniel's turn. He likes to whine and is also in and out of sleep. Of course my older kids don't get it because they are in school. With kids coughing in my face, rubbing there nose all over me while I give them hug, sneaking a drink out of my cup, I got sick. This all happened in like a week and a half. So in the end 4 out of 7 people were sick. I so cleaned this house with Lysol, and any other disinfected so we can get this bug out of our house. I just hope it stays away for a bit.All that is left is that lingering cough.