Sep 30, 2008

Face Book

I am so addicted to this site. I found a lot of my high school friends. I also found a lot of my cousins in Utah. They were all little stinkers when I left home and now some went on missions and some are engaged. Crazy how time flies.
This is very bad for me to be addicted to since I am suppose to really clean my house and pack so we can be out of here in 2 weeks. Oh boy. I better get busy.

Sep 29, 2008

I did it

I finally did it. I quit my job again. I guess I am not programmed to be a working mommy. I miss my family so much. Don't get me wrong I loved my job and this was a hard decision. With this move and other things that popped up in my life was making it hard to concentrate on work. Plus my hours were hard. I would work from 6pm to 1am and than i would have to get up around 7am after going to bed around 2am. With a 5 month old baby it was hard to stay awake. So once again we will need to tighten our belts. But you know, a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders and know I can be with my family every night again.

Sep 28, 2008

Jack of all trades (my dear hubby)

So like i was saying a few blogs ago that my son broke our very expensive glass sliding door. My dear husband has been dealing with the fact of how are we going to pay for the door that cost 400.oo to replace. After a few days Dan went to the Habitat for Humanity's reuse it store. After a great deal of searching and searching HE FOUND IT!!! Yes this dang glass door only cost us 40.00. Can you believe it. I was so grateful. Thank You Thank You Habitat for Humanity. Not only did we get an awesome deal we also helped the reuse it store buy purchasing this door. I guess all the money they get goes back into Habitat for Humanity. I think that is an awesome organization. He brought the door home and he even replaced it all by himself. He is a great guy. And I have my door back.

Sep 23, 2008

One upset little man

So last night I get this call from my husband. He was so upset because Nathaniel had gotten so mad at him that he slammed our back sliding door and shattered it. Unfortunately Nathaniel had to spend some time in his room. My husband had priced the door and it is going to cost us 400.00 to replace it. It must be one of those safety glass doors because it is shattered but the door is still intact.
Dan had a man to boy talk with Nathaniel and he said he is mad because we are moving and he doesn't want to move because he will miss this house. He has been a little turkey for a few weeks now. Of coarse Dan tried to explain why we are moving and were we are moving so that Nathaniel can try and understand. I can understand his frustration. We are just going to take it easy around him until we finally move.

Sep 22, 2008

Bang Bang Bang!!!!

My 4 yr old son Nathaniel has been banging and banging all weekend long. I kept telling to quit banging and he tells me he is a builder. So once again today he has been banging. I told him to go outside and bang and he tells me its too hot. So again with the banging. By now I am ready to bang bang my head in the wall. I sure hope he finds something else to be than a builder banging on everything he sees.

Sep 21, 2008

Moving Again

Yes!! We are on the move again. We hit into some bad times financially and so we have to move. We will be living with my in-laws for awhile until we get back on our feet. We are hoping for about 6 months. When we get out of debit, we will be able to put down on a house and stay there for the rest of our lives. The kids are doing as well as expected. They will be going to the same school and Nathaniel will continue to go to preschool. We will also stay in the same ward. We are kind of lucky because Dan's parents live right down the street from us. We will complete the move in a few weeks.

Sep 12, 2008


Yesterday after preschool Nathaniel asked me if I saw the big plane crash into the big tall building far far away. I told him that I do remember that day because I saw it on TV. And yes that it happened far far away. He said his teacher told the class about it because the flag in his classroom wasn't flying at the top it was in the middle. And they had a quite moment before school started. I thought was cleaver to explain as simple as possible why our flags are flown at half staff and why we have a moment of silence.
I do remember this sad part of history as if it was yesterday. I was living in Payson AZ. I was doing house chores when my mother-in-law called my and told me to turn on my TV. As I turned the TV the 1st plane hit the first tower. We just sat in silence as we watched what was unfolding right before our eyes. I called for my girls to come watch and we watched the 2ND plane hit the other tower. I could just hear the screams and feel the fear as I watched the plane crash into the 2ND tower. My heart just stopped. Than when the towers came falling down I was just in shocked and all I could do was watch with my eyes filling up with tears. How could someone so mean do this to our country? I kept asking this question over and over in my head for the rest of the day. That was a horribly day in the history of our country. Dan was working here in Mesa when this happened. He couldn't stop what he was doing but when he got the chance he called to see if I was okay. When he came home we sat and talked about what had happened to our girls. We told them not to fear because they weren't coming our way to hurt us. We said a very long and much needed family prayer that night blessing the victim's family and we prayed for the strength of our nation to bring these horrible people to justice.


Wow how times flies. Allot has happened and I have been so busy that I haven't gotten a chance to update everyone. Lets see, where do I begin. Aug 31 was my wedding anniversary. Dan and I have been married for 12 years. Wow that is a time. It seems like we have been together forever. I am not a flower person. Only a few times in our marriage has Dan gotten me flowers. So instead of a bunch of flowers for our anniversary, Dan had called my little sister and my Dad and surprised me with their visit. It was so nice. My dad is still Dad but a little older. Its okay daddy, I still love you old or young, your still the best. My sister isn't little anymore. She has graduated from high school this year and is now going to a community college in Flagstaff AZ. She seems to like it there. We all had a nice visit.
Nathaniel just finished his 2ND week of preschool and loves it. He says he is a grown up now because he goes to school. He is doing so much better about this new adventure than I thought. My baby boy is getting big.