Aug 27, 2014

Tennessee is a quick drive by. This was our last day traveling and we just wanted to get to KY. This sign is on the bridge that went over the Mississippi River. The river was breath taking. There was one of those boats with the big wheel looking thing on the back on the River. This river is HUGE!!!. I would love to someday go visit this place for the day.

 This is a photo off the internet. Nathaniel took this exact photo of this pyramid. It is on the left hand side as you get off the bridge.
 Here is another photo of this pyramid. It is some arena in Memphis. It was so cool to see.

If I got to plan a trip back to Tennessee, we would go back to Memphis. We would visit Graceland. Then we would mosey on over to this pyramid, with sunglasses on because of the suns refection. Then we would go fishing on the Mississippi River.

On my next post, I will finish off this trip. See you soon!

Aug 22, 2014


One of my favorite TV families live in this state. The Duggar's live in Little Rock AK and I wish I could have gone by their house. But like many wishes on this trip, it didn't happen. I kept getting on our radio asking to make a pit stop but we needed to get threw Arkansas as soon as we could because there were dark clouds moving in.
After sleeping in our van a few nights, we really needed a shower. Dan found this hotel right off the road we were on that kinda looked sketchy. We got there in time for their breakfast buffet and took showers. Ella threw a mini fit because she wanted to take her "first" shower in Kentucky. That was defiantly not going to happen. She is so funny. I would love to have been in her brain when she thought that one After our showers we drove until we got to Somerset KY.
Driving threw AK, was very intense. Remember when I said there were dark clouds moving in. Well, we drove in the worst rain storm I have ever seen in my young age. I could not see our BIG U-Haul in front of me, and diesel trucks just zoomed passed me as if it wasn't raining. I think we drove like 25 miles an hour for a long time. Every time a diesel zoomed pass, it would knock my van around. I don't know how I drove in that.
Another thing that I noticed were a lot of crossed on top of hills. I think AK is part of the "bible belt". There was cross that really stood out to me. It was HUGE!! and it was all lit up. Maybe that was why I noticed it more. I also noticed that there were a lot of adult store bulletin boards. Nathaniel had asked me about a particular bill board and I was at loss of words. I just told him they were one of Satan's stores and we need to try hard and not read them. I thought that was kind of strange to see. When I mentioned how strange that was to my husband, he said that Satan will do anything to bring down church members.
When driving I was reminded of driving on the mountains of AZ. There were so many trees but they looked different then AZ trees. These trees were more full and thick. Amazing how creative our Heavenly Father is. That is one thing I love about KY. I get to see a types of God's creation. More then I saw in the Valley.
My next post will be about crossing the Mississippi River.

Aug 19, 2014

Hello again! I had no idea anyone was reading my blogs until one of my BFF's in AZ asked me to post on my blog. So when I opened my blog, I was so delighted to see another awesome friend commented on my post. Now that I have a few followers, I will be on here more often.

After the long ride through Texas, we got to Oklahoma. At the time, I have not seen so many hills in my life. I swear there were hills as far as I could see. It was sure a change from the flat state of Texas. When we got to Oklahoma City, I saw what I thought was where the bombing took place. But since I was the one driving, I am not sure. That was also a long state to cross. Since I don't remember what day this was, I am just going to tell you what I remember about the states we traveled. Other reason why NOT to procrastinate. You forget..
I do remembering thinking how big Oklahoma City was. I didn't think it was bigger that the Valley, but then again, I have never been anywhere bigger than the Valley. Hehe. I also remember how excited I was driving through OK because I was getting closer to Kentucky and also because I am still alive driving. I was so exhausted and my ankles were so swollen it looked like I had cankels.
We didn't do any sight seeing on this drive because we just wanted to get to Kentucky and our budget was pretty tight. So we just drove and drove and drove... you get the point.
Next time I will talk about our trip to Arkansas. TTYL