Aug 27, 2008

Ella and the scissors.

After the hair cut
Getting a hair cut

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Before the hair cut

A few weeks ago Isabella decided to cut her hair again. Out of all my kids she is the only one that has down this. I guess she was trying to pierce her ears with a rounded pair of scissors but instead she decided to cut her hair. I didn't know about the hair being cut until I was combing her hair out. I freaked because a big clump of hair fell out. So I took her straight to the salon to get her hair cut. Here is our journey.

Jana Needs

A friend of mine has a friend on her blog that started this little game. First you need to go to Google and type in your name followed by the word needs , for example Jana needs, than you need to write down the first 10 things that come up. I didn't do the first 10 because one of them was not appropriate for this blog.Here is mine.
10- Jana needs a home (only if you are giving it to me free and is livable)
9 - Jana's friends need to change the way they look at ... (go ahead and fill in the blank)
8 - Jana needs a wee (Yes I do)
7 - Jana needs your help (Isn't that the truth)
6 - Jana needs to grow up (when I grow up I want to be....a mommy)
5 - Jana needs crystal light help products (i like the crystal light drinks but help products, umm not sure)
4 - Jana needs to sensitize undergraduate medical students (whatever that means)
3 - Jana needs a life outside Microsoft (yes i sure do)
2 - Jana needs is more trouble..especially man trouble (i don't think so. I have been married for 12 yrs)
1 - Jana needs to save money and come see your butt (well, only if your a friend and after i pay my bills)

Aug 25, 2008


Nathaniel and I went this morning to meet his preschool teacher. He is so excited but maybe not as excited as I am. We will go school shopping in a few days for school. He will be going to school 2 days a week for 2 hours. His teacher, Mrs. Billings, taught Lea preschool when she was 3. Chayanne didn't attend her preschool because we moved to Payson that year. It was nice to visit with her for a few minutes. She has been teaching preschool for 20 yrs and she is also LDS. She is a neat lady.
Nathaniel will be starting school next Tuesday. I will take his first day pictures and post on here when that day comes.

Chayanne's Birthday

The Finished Cake
Frosting the cake

Shapeing the Cake

Well this is the last birthday in our family until next year. Hurray Hurray!!! Chayanne turned 9 yrs old this past Saturday. I decided to surprise her with a slumber party with 2 of her best friends"in the whole wide world". It was hard to keep a secret like this from her for a week. Chayanne got to take cupcakes to school last Friday so I did that after I baked her birthday cake. I had to hide the smell of cake baking from her so I thought this was a great cover up. My mother in-law found a jean cake on Betty and that is what I made. My friend Julie came over and helped me frost the cake on Friday. It was a lot of fun to make. The party was great too. We really had Chayanne surprised.
H-Hugs everyone she knows
Y-Yearning the learn all she can
A-Always willing to help out with baby brother
Chayanne, I love you so much and I am very proud of all your accomplishments. You bring a great spirit into our family.Happy Birthday

Aug 21, 2008

Sad story

I was at work yesterday evening when an older gentleman came up to me. He had explained that his wife just passed away a few months ago. He than said that he had this big 5 bedroom house. He is renting them out to foreign student and he needed to get them in living conditions. Well he came into Wal-Mart to find some sheets for the beds. He started crying saying that is wife took care of all the purchases for things like this. He was at a lost when it came to buy sheets for beds. I explained to him what 200 count, 300 count met and showed him the ones we had on sale. He was still crying when I also explained to him that he need a fitted sheet and a top sheet for each bed. I helped him pick out colors and also explained what the difference between the sheet where.
This got me thinking all night about what I needed to learn in case I was ever in this situation. I asked Dan if he knew the difference between top and fitted sheets. It is the little things that count when something terrible happens to a spouse. I know Dan had mentioned to me that he would be lost if something ever was to happen to me when it came to paying the bills. I don't get paper bills I do this all on-line. So I am going to write everything down so that I could make things easier if there was ever anything that happened.
This terrible thing could mean a lot of things. Some to mention, death, an illness, being in the hospital for any type of surgery....I am sure you all get the picture. I feel it is very important to be together on everything. I know we shouldn't be thinking about this but we need to be prepared for what ever comes our way. I am going to write down what I need to learn from Dan so that I can be prepared. I hope we live a very very long life together but anything could happen.
I pray every morning with a heart full of gratitude for all I have, even my husband. I literally would be lost without him. He is the best Hubby in the world.
Just a little thought. Thank You for listening, or reading :)

Aug 19, 2008

101 things about me

1. I love to read.
2. My family don't like it when i read because that is all I do.
3. I like to vacuum.
4. The sound of the vacuum relaxes me.
5. I love the sound of thunder bouncing off the mountains.
6. That happened a lot when we lived in Payson.
7. I miss living in Payson.
8. I love to take HOT baths.
9. I love big big bath tubs.
10. I love the smell of rain in the forest.
11. I love the smell of baby feet that had socks on all day.
12. I love the smell of a farm.
13. I don't like to do laundry or the dishes.
14. I dislike hot dogs.
15. I grew up eating hot dogs.
16. I miss see my family on my mom's side.
17. I like genealogy because i find it interesting to learn about my ancestors.
18. I wish I could commit to genealogy 100%.
19. I love that I am Native American.
20. I think some of the Navajo reservation is beautiful.
21. I would like to go on a mission with my husband.
22. I would like to visit Hawaii.
23. I also would like to visit Belgium and Holland.
24. I like the fact that Dutch people wear wooden shoes some of the time.
25. I love windmills.
26. I also like Belgium waffles.
27. I like to celebrate Sinterklaus when I lived at home with my dad and step mom.
28. My step mom is half Dutch.
29. I miss Dutch Chocolate that came in a "J" shape.
30. I like Christmas.
31. I like the meaning of Christmas but not what the world made it into.
32. I am proud to be an American.
33. I am proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
34. My favorite color is green.
35. My birthstone is Emerald green.
36. My favorite season is Spring.
37. I am not to fond of the city.
38. I love that fact that I get along with my mother and father-in-law.
39. I love babies.
40. I love being pregnant.
41. I could have babies all my life if I could afford it.
42. My labors from start to finish is less than 1 hour.
43. When my babies decided to come they come.
44. My last baby delivered himself.
45. Twice the Dr. has missed my labor by a few seconds.
46. All five of my kids were born naturally with no meds.
47. Three of them were induced.
48. I like dogs of all sizes.
49. I don't like going to the pound because i fell so sorry for all the dogs.
50. I wish I could take most of them home with me.
51. I dislike CATS!!!!
52. I am deathly allergic to cats.
53. I use to never be allergics to cats until I became pregnant with Lealynn my oldest daughter.
54. I love Hotmail.
55. I like to chat with all my friends and my aunts and uncles.
56. I like Yahoo games.
57. I like Scrabble.
58. I like UNO.
59. I like all sorts of card games.
60. I am sad that my older girls are turning into young ladies.
61. I am proud of their accomplishment they have had so far in their lives.
62. I am sad to say that I will miss my little man when he starts Preschool next month.
63. I don't like school.
64. I didn't have a boyfriend until after high school.
65. My first boyfriend was a return missionary that was just a friend whe he left my Sophomore year in high school.
66. I didn't like my husband when I first met him.
67. I am so in love with my husband now.
68. We only dated for 3 months before we got married.
69. I am so happy to know that he is mine for eternity and my kids are sealed to us.
70. I don't like the dentist.
71. Even after they numb me I cringe when I here the drills and see their little poky thing that goes in the mouth.
72. I am afraid of needles.
73. I am afraid of the dark.
74. I am afraid of spiders.
75. I am afraid of mice.
76. I am favorite fruit is Strawberries.
77. I had an unlce that owned his own dairy farm and made his own ice cream.
78. He made the BEST homemade strawberry ice cream.
79. I like ice because it makes my Pepsi nice and cold.
80. I sleep on my belly.
81. I like having my little kids sneak into my bed in the middle of the night to cuddle up next to me.
82. I am greatful for computers.
83. Because without computers my husband wouldn't have a job.
84. And I wouldn't be blogging and chatting with my friends at the same time.
85. I like cameras because I like to take pictures.
86. I want to be a photographer when I grow up.
87. I like being home with my kids and going to work when they are asleep.
88. I don't like to cook.
89. My husband is a great cook.
90. My husband taught me how to cook when we got married.
91. I like driving stick shifts.
92. I like to feel the power when I shift into the right gear.
93. I taught myself how to drive a stick shift with my freind/room mate's car.
94. I use to work in a salvage yard.
95. I was the secretary and took care of customers.
96. Iliked takeing inventory of all the junk cars in both the lots.
97. I liked watching them swish the cars and trucks and put them in a pile for recyceling.
98. I still don't know any thing about cars.
99. My husband is Jack of all Trades.
100. I hope he will pass that along to my sons when they are old enough.
101. My favorite snack is a Snicker bar chased down with an ice cold Pepsi.YUMMY!!!!!

Aug 13, 2008

Twilight Saga

WOW!!!!! I have finished reading Breaking Dawn. These series are just amazing. That is all I could about while reading the books. My family is happy to have me back. I have read all 4 book in 2 weeks. I need a little break. Reading these books were so intense. I usually don't like reading book over after reading them again because I already know the ending, but I could read these books over and over and over. I can't wait until the movie comes out. I highly recommend reading the Twilight Saga.

Aug 12, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. Lea is in 6Th grade. She likes her teachers but doesn't like the fact that she has to carry her book bag every where she goes. I told her to get use to it because she won't get a locker for Jr. High next year. She has 2 main teachers that she will be bouncing back and forth for her classes.
Chayanne is in the 4Th grade. She is in the gifted program for the 4Th and 5Th grade class. She will be doing a little bit of both grades this year. I think this will be good for her so she doesn't get bored. She loves her teacher because the teacher really likes art. Chayanne wants to be an artist when she grows up so this will be good.
I missed them yesterday but i was also glad they were gone. It was a long summer and I knew the girls were ready for school. I don't miss the fighting and yelling thats for sure. Nathaniel and Ella don't know what to do with themselves since their entertainers are gone all day.
I hoping sometime this month Nathaniel will be in preschool. He is on a waiting list so well shall see.

Aug 7, 2008

A Few Days Off

Well I am now a working mommy. It is kind of hard..okay okay it is hard work. I am bending down all the time and walking all over Wal-Mart. I ask other employees if they still get sore after all these years and they all say "YES". I had some days off these past few days and really enjoyed it. I relaxed and read the 2nd and 3rd book of the Twilight series. I caught up on laundry and played with the kids. Now I get to go back to work tomorrow. I really enjoy my job because I get to meet a lot of different type of people.