Mar 1, 2010

Still Alive

I am still alive. I have been either to busy to write or I have had nothing to write about. We had a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas. We went to our friends house for New Years. We also moved last month.
I will post pictures of our house later when I can find my camera. We moved the week before Valentines Day. We found a 4 bedroom house to rent right by our children's school. I found the house on Craig's list and I drove by it on accident. We love all the room we have in this house. We are slowing putting all the pictures up on the walls. We love the fact that our older girls can have friends over and we don't have to hear them giggling or screaming. They can also have more than two friends over each. We have a huge backyard. There is also poles for a volleyball net. I can pitcure v-ball games through out the summer. We can also have parties. We love to entertain and living in an apartment we were not able to do that. So we are excitied to host several summer parties at this house.
That is what we have been doing since my last post. I will try to post more.

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