Feb 19, 2011

Feeling Better Part 2

My husband's blood sugar was in the 400's and he needed to make a big drastic change in his eating and exercise. We were both scared of him dieing. He has been walking for a month now 2 laps around the local park twice a day and walking around his work building at lunch. He has lost 21 pounds in one month. He changed from white to wheat bread and still only eating as little carbs as possible. He also cut our a lot of fats out of his diet. He started dragging me around to "keep" him company. I have been walking around the local park with Dan twice a day and I have lost 5 pounds in a week. I also started taking my thyroid meds everyday and I am back on my Richard Simmons Meal a Deal.
Now that I have changed my eating habits and exercising and taking my medicine everyday I feel WONDERFUL. I have regained my life back. I think more clearly now too! I couldn't remember what my kids had told me. I felt like they were playing tricks with me. I feel like I have an open mind.
I have started praying more and reading my scriptures and I am full of love, and true happiness.
Now that I am feeling better then I have been for awhile, you will see more of me on my blog. I want to recreate this blog but I don't quite now how yet. So please stay tune for the NEW AND IMPROVE JANA.

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