Aug 8, 2011

Back to School

Elijah (3). He wanted to take a back to school picture like the rest of the kids. I love his back pack:)
Chayanne (11 almost 12). She is in the 8Th grade. They started block scheduling this year and she likes it. If your wondering what block scheduling is, it where you have 3 or 4 classes for 1hr and 40min (i think)a day. For example, a student has math Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour and 40 minutes. Then that same student has science, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the same length of time.
Nathaniel (7). He is in the 2ND grade. His teacher is Ms Mahar. She requested him last year. She is a great teacher. He gets to ride his scooter to school this year and is excited.
Isabella (6). She is in the 1st grade. Her teacher is Ms Atha. She was Nathaniel's teacher last year and she was really good. She was excited to see Ella in her class. Ella gets to ride her scooter to this year to and is also excited.

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