Jan 21, 2012

Gina & Tanya 2011 World Tour

Here we are waiting in line to get into the convention room so see Gina and Tanya.
Laurie, Katelyn, Connie, and I are finally in the convention room. We saw this back drop and and couldn't resist another group shot.
I tried to take a self portrait but the flash was a little bright. This was taken in line again, waiting to take pictures with Gina and Tanya. This is what I look like after zumbaing for 2 hours straight.
This is a perfect way to end a perfect night. Gina is on my right and Tanya is on my left. These are the two main ladies that are in all the Zumba DVDs and games.
Another group picture. Gina, me, Connie, Katelyn, Tanya, and Laurie.
This was an awesome experience. I have been having a hard time sticking to my diet or a diet and keeping up with zumba. I use to zumba everyday and I would walk up to 3 miles a night. I was loosing weight and feeling good. Then I became to be lazy again. I went from doing zumba everyday and walking up to 3 miles a day to just doing zumba twice a week. I gain some weight back and feeling lazy.
I went to this event thinking that I wouldn't be able to zumba for two hours without passing out. I also thought I would feel out of place because I am not a skinny person. I also was thinking that it was going to be crowded. I guess you could saw I was thinking negatively about the whole thing. I that is what I do when I go out of my comfort zone.
Laurie, Katelyn, and Connie are awesome. I had so much fun. When we got to the convention center in downtown Phoenix, there was a huge line. Everyone in front of us and behind us were all smiling and dancing and talking to each. When I mean talking to each other there were people walking up and down the line talking to those in line. I was great. To be part of a bunch of happy, and nice men and women was inspiring. I took a moment to think, if everyone in the world were just as happy and not shy to talk to each other even if they were complete strangers, the world would be beautiful.
When we got into the room, it was huge. There was a big stage with speakers and tons of room to zumba. When Gina and Tanya came on stage it was awesome. just seeing them in person was awesome. I have been doing zumba in my home with them for the past year and to see them was also inspiring. Everyone was zumbaing and they weren't laugh at those that didn't do it right. We were like one huge family. There were men and women with different shapes and sizes. Some were great at shaking their hips and there were those that weren't as good but no one cared. It could be just that we were all dancing/exercises for two hours to notice. But I didn't feel out of place. Everyone just blended together.
Now the excitement was over whelmeming when we were in line to actually meet them. I was so tired and sort all over that I sat most of the time in line. Once again everyone was smiling and interacting with each other. It was a great feeling. When it was my turn, I was so star struck. I got a picture with them and they signed my shirt. When I said thank you they both looked right at me and said your welcome. I know this is cheesy but when they looked at me I felt special.
After this experience I think it has started a little something within me. I was at walmart today and I made it a point to smile at everyone. It made me feel good. I also want to keep up on my zumba. I need and want to start loosing weight again. I want to be able to by clothes that are not so expensive.
Wow, I didn't mean to make this a super long post. Sorry :( So I will close for now.

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