Nov 13, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

My kids have never been to a parade. Living in the city, I think it is more of a hassle leaving the parade with all the traffic and crazy drivers. We usally stay home. But this year Nathaniel is in cub scouts and his troop got to walk in the parade. I have to admit that is the only reason we all went to the parade. Boy was I glad we all went to the parade not only to support Nathaniel but to experience a parade. I will be taking them to more parades in the future. Here are only a few pictures I got. There are tons more but I didn't want to bore anyone reading this.
Laura (Lea's friend from Spain), Lea and Ella. I told them to gLaura (Lea's friend from Spain), Lea and Ella. I told them to go sit in the road and they looked at me funny. How many mom's tell their daughters to go sit in an intersection.

Ella and her police officer. She liked his motorcycle.

This is one of serveral photos of airplanes flying by. It was neat to watch.

These next few photos made me cry. These were the many faces of fallen men and women who fought for our country during the latest war going on. As you can see, that is Pat Tillman. The spirit all around as I looked and saw everyone old and young putting their right hand over their heart. Just a neat experience that made this parade one of the best I have ever seen.

There in the wolf cub scout cap is my son Nathaniel. He was so excited to march in the parade. He has a special heart for all veterans. Most of the time we can't go by a veteran and give him change or just to be notice. Make me wonder what is future will hold..after his mission anyways.

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