Jul 21, 2013

Families Can Be Together Forever

As a family we are trying something new. We have a hard time holding FHE on Monday nights. This week we did it tonight (Sunday). Like I said, we have a hard time holding FHE, so it has been awhile. Dan challenged us to some scripture questions. He asked us about King Noah. After we answered questions about King Noah we had a great discussion about him.
Ella gave us her FHE lesson. She has been waiting for this all week. She was so excited that she needed some help because she forgot what she was going to do. Her lesson was about Families being together forever. We say a primary song, I Love to see the Temple. Then we talked about the Mesa temple and how our family is a family forever. I love being reminded about simple doctrine from my children. The spirit was felt during our time of scripture reading and FHE. I have missed that feeling.
In our family, like most families, get busy with everyday life. With Lea being 16 now, she is never home and soon will be working. And Chayanne going her own separate ways by attending a different school then the rest of the kids, I can already see how crazy and hectic our lives will be, but I know that having FHE and scripture study, is helping our family spiritually as we try to be together forever.
Thank you Ella, for reminding us and simply teaching us that we can be a Family Forever.

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