May 8, 2016


     The month of April was a busy one for us. A couple of major events happened. Because we are moving back to AZ Dan had to leave us to start his new job. While he was gone, Elijah turned 8. The kids and I went hiking for the day. Then we all went to dinner. It was a nice quite celebration. That evening we Skyped Dan and Elijah opened his gifts.
     Since we are selling our house, we had an offer. The potential buyers wanted to do an inspection of the house. There were a few minor things that he found wrong with the house. Dan flew back to fix those things and while he was here we baptized Elijah. It was so great to see a lot of our Branch family show up. It was also a great evening due to the fact that Dan was home for this to happen. The baptism was a great pause in the busy week. It was great to enjoy Elijah's evening with friends who also became our family.
     Here are a few pictures from the baptism. We didn't get a family picture taken because I forgot, but we were all there.

Elijah's Program
Dan & Elijah

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