Dec 10, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

I know these aren't the best pictures. I didn't realize the black and white setting was on.Oh well!!! We had fun. This was at a Primary Activity last Saturday. The kids ate breakfast and than Santa came. We made ornaments for the tree and enjoyed a few hours with friends.

Ella was first in line. I told her to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She looked at him and than told me that he didn't have any hair.

Nathaniel was shy at first. Than one of his Sunbeam friend went before him and he got the courage to go sit on Santa's lap

For some reason Lea needed her friends to pose with her. All she wanted was a candy cane.

Chayanne also needed a buddy to pose with.

Lea finally noticed that the setting was on black and white and changed it for me. What would I do without my savvy daughter.

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Tink said...

How sweet! What precious pictures. I love them in black & white! Hope you're having a great day. Hugs.