Dec 15, 2008

Family Traditions

I remember growing up, every Christmas eve my brother and I got to open one present. It had to always be the one from my Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle. Since they lived in Payson Utah it was always exciting to see their gifts all wrapped so nicely.We got such warm cozy pajamas. I think my grandma made them in the beginning. They were always so warm. There was although one year that we didn't get our warm pj's. I was eight years old. My grand parents bought me my first set of scriptures. They were brown and had my name on them. Not only did I get new scriptures my grandma made my a carrying case that matched. That also had my name on it. I am so grateful for my grandparents. My grandpa isn't like he use to be. Getting up there in age, but he will always be my best grandpa. Love ya Gramps.
Anyway, we have kind of started that with our family. My husbands family all get together on Christmas eve and exchanged gifts for all the nieces and nephews. And than we adults all get one gift from our Secret Santa that we picked on Thanksgiving night.That always seems a lot of fun. This year we are going to my dad's house in Winslow AZ and spend it with him. Hopefully my brother and his family make it up too.
What traditions do you have as a family? Please share. It great to see what others do to celebrate Christmas.

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