Mar 2, 2009

Sick of being Sick

It is so nice when you have a family of 7 most of those kids and they get sick. It seems to run a little bit longer and boy it is exhausting. Fist Elijah got sick. I thought it was allergies and teething. But than he ran a fever for a few days and than a cough and the runny nose. He hardly slept at all those few night. And than Isabella got the fever but it last a little longer. Than the cough and runny nose. When she is sick she sleeps. Than it was Nathaniel's turn. He likes to whine and is also in and out of sleep. Of course my older kids don't get it because they are in school. With kids coughing in my face, rubbing there nose all over me while I give them hug, sneaking a drink out of my cup, I got sick. This all happened in like a week and a half. So in the end 4 out of 7 people were sick. I so cleaned this house with Lysol, and any other disinfected so we can get this bug out of our house. I just hope it stays away for a bit.All that is left is that lingering cough.

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Michelle said...

glad everyone is on the mend! I hate it when we're all sick!