Jul 1, 2014

We made it to Kentucky!!!!

We made it !!! It took us three days to drive from AZ to KY. We left Sunday, June 8th and arrived in Somerset KY on June 10th. I will not lie, it was hard to drive cross country. My kids were great. I brought things for them to do but they found there own fun. My husband drove our BIG Haul and I followed him all the way.
Sunday we drove all the way to Texas. I am not sure exactly where we pulled off in Texas. We traveled on I40 all the way to Arkansas. I had a traumatic experience in Texas. As I was following Dan, I noticed he had slowed down because a couple of dog ran across the interstate. Out the corner of my eyes, I noticed another dog running in the field that divided the interstate. I continued to slow down just a hair because I knew that dog was going to cross. As I had predicted, that darn dog darted in front of me. He slowed down to look at me but I hit him before he crossed to the other side. I was unable to slow way down or to move to the other lane to avoid the situation, but I had a car in the lane next to me and a semi diesel right behind me. I will continue taking you along this crazy journey tomorrow.   

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Laurie said...

Yikes! That would be worse than hitting a deer, I think.

Can't wait to hear more!