Aug 19, 2014

Hello again! I had no idea anyone was reading my blogs until one of my BFF's in AZ asked me to post on my blog. So when I opened my blog, I was so delighted to see another awesome friend commented on my post. Now that I have a few followers, I will be on here more often.

After the long ride through Texas, we got to Oklahoma. At the time, I have not seen so many hills in my life. I swear there were hills as far as I could see. It was sure a change from the flat state of Texas. When we got to Oklahoma City, I saw what I thought was where the bombing took place. But since I was the one driving, I am not sure. That was also a long state to cross. Since I don't remember what day this was, I am just going to tell you what I remember about the states we traveled. Other reason why NOT to procrastinate. You forget..
I do remembering thinking how big Oklahoma City was. I didn't think it was bigger that the Valley, but then again, I have never been anywhere bigger than the Valley. Hehe. I also remember how excited I was driving through OK because I was getting closer to Kentucky and also because I am still alive driving. I was so exhausted and my ankles were so swollen it looked like I had cankels.
We didn't do any sight seeing on this drive because we just wanted to get to Kentucky and our budget was pretty tight. So we just drove and drove and drove... you get the point.
Next time I will talk about our trip to Arkansas. TTYL

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Laurie said...

That's how I feel every time we go between Utah and Arizona. I never stop to see anything!