Aug 27, 2014

Tennessee is a quick drive by. This was our last day traveling and we just wanted to get to KY. This sign is on the bridge that went over the Mississippi River. The river was breath taking. There was one of those boats with the big wheel looking thing on the back on the River. This river is HUGE!!!. I would love to someday go visit this place for the day.

 This is a photo off the internet. Nathaniel took this exact photo of this pyramid. It is on the left hand side as you get off the bridge.
 Here is another photo of this pyramid. It is some arena in Memphis. It was so cool to see.

If I got to plan a trip back to Tennessee, we would go back to Memphis. We would visit Graceland. Then we would mosey on over to this pyramid, with sunglasses on because of the suns refection. Then we would go fishing on the Mississippi River.

On my next post, I will finish off this trip. See you soon!


Laurie said...

That's a really cool building!

Jana said...

I love that you comment on all my posts. Makes me feel good because I don't think of as a writer. Thanks Laurie.