Jul 24, 2008

Taking a Break

Well we haven't done much these past few weeks. Last week we were all sick with Crypto, a nasty bacteria we got at the Tempe Town Lake Water Park. I mean all of us were so sick for a week. The only one that wasn't sick was the baby. So this week we have been just lazy and trying to stay cool. The Monsoon weather has made it very humid here as well as HOT!!!!! Nothing like 108 degrees with 50+ percent humidity.
We are also counting down till school starts. I am going to do my own preschool with Nathaniel and Isabella. Preschool is so expensive here. Nathaniel will be in Kindergarten next school year 2009. I have been online getting ideas for what I need to do get get started. I am going to following the Mesa Public School calendar because that is the same calendar the girl's charter school is on. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
We went school clothes shopping. That is one event I don't look forward to doing. We ending up at Target for school uniforms. We went to Target because they seem to have a better and bigger selection. Their uniforms are navy blue or tan bottoms. The shirts are Pollo red, white or navy blue. This is Lea's last year to wear the uniforms. She will be in 7th and that is Jr. High here.
My blog address is also featured on the ldswomenbloggers site. I was so excited to see that because it seems that I have had a few visits. Please don't be shy, say hello and I will be sure to say hi back. If you don't mind please leave me your site address and where you found me. I know, I know, I feel I am being nosy but you know, that is the whole purpose of blogging, being nosy and meeting new friends all over the world. I am guilty and I am going to make it a point to say Hi where ever I go.So don't be shy. I can't wait to hear from all of my visitors. Thank You for visiting.


Slice of life said...

hi there. I found you on LDS blogger.

Jana said...

Hi. Thanx for stopping by.