Jul 14, 2008


Well I think I better be careful with what I do to my blog. I deleted my comments on the other blog so I hope I get them back on this blog. Plus my blog address was to long so now it is simple.
We are back from San Diego where we went to the zoo. That was so fun. We bought the family past and that gave us unlimited everything in the zoo. We rode the air tram allot and we took a bus tour of the park. This was our first family vacation. It was really nice. While at the zoo Nathaniel ate a Cheddar cheese tasting bug. He was so proud of himself. He was scared of the air tram but Ella was having allot of fun in the air. Lea and Chayanne was just amazed at all the animals. I will get some pictures posted sometime today.

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cami said...

I am so sorry that the other blog didn't work out for you if i had any idea how to help, I would. As far as this blog goes,I like it! Great blog. If I only had a clue!!Mine stinks.