Jan 16, 2009

Another Surgery

Well it looks like I will once again go in for surgery. I have been having a real bad bleeding problem since Christmas. I have been in the ER a few times before and after Christmas. I was going threw a whole JUMBO pack of Over night pads every half hour and even the super duper tampons didn't help any. I finally saw a Dr the beginning of January. We found out my Thyroid is not producing enough hormones so I am now on medication for that. Also I have an enlarged uterus with a very very thick lining around it. I am not a candidate for the surgery where they burn the lining to stop the flow. The lining it to thick for that. Go figure huh. If I was a little skinny I would look like I was pregnant. So I am also taking Estrogen to keep me from bleeding to death. If I want to have a medication free life I need to have just my uterus out. If I keep the darn thing, I will have to go every 4 months to the GYNO to check for Fibroid Tumors. My surgery is for Feb 9Th. I will stay in the hospital over night and be in bed for the first week. After that I have to take it real easy for the next 3 weeks. I am hoping that since I am only 33 my recover will not be so bad.

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Slice of life said...

stay strong sweet pea, thinking of ya