Jan 5, 2009

Cheetah Girls !!!!

My brother-in-law David and his wife Jennifer gave us tickets to see the Cheetah Girls One World Tour on Dec19.We were on the 9Th row on the side under the big movie screens.The Clique Girls were one of the opening acts.I don't remember the other girls band.We had 4 tickets and since there was only 3 of us we brought our friend's daughter Kylee.We had so much fun. My girls and I really needed a girls night out.I think this was also a great way to start off Christmas Vacation.

Cheetah girls
They were sitting in these chandeliers above the stage.

Here are the Clique Girls

The girls waiting for the show to begin.

Here were are happy to have made it to the concert.

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Tink said...

Lucky you! That's awesome. I went 2 years ago with my daughter and we had a blast! I thought the Cheetah Girls put on a great concert! I'm glad you got to go!