Jan 10, 2009

New Times for our Ward

As we all know that when the new year arrives we also attend church at a new time. As for us here in Mesa's 3 Fountain Ward we start as 9am. I really love this new time. You may wonder why since it is so early. I have a lot a lot of younger kids, Nathaniel 4, Isabella 3, and Elijah 9mo., and if I can get church out of the way first than I have the rest of the day to go crazy. Last year we attended church at 11:30. I always seemed to be a mess before we even got to church. He He !!!!
Now that it is a new time a lot of new things changed as far as classes go. Lea 11 and Chayanne 9 attend Valiant 10-12 Girls. Lea will be in Young Womens in 6 months and she is counted the days. Last week she even got invited to go to Girls Camp in June. She is way excited. I remember Girls Camp like it was yesterday.
Nathaniel is in CTR 5 and Isabella is a Sunbeam. It is exciting that I finally have no kids in Nursery, so now I don't feel bad when I see the teacher ready to pull their hairs out.
Dan and I still don't have any callings. Well I take that back, I am a visiting teacher, and Dan is a Home teacher.
So we went to church last week and believe it or not, all my kids were very well behaved. I was so shocked. Did I forget to mention that I love our new meeting time.
Happy New Years to you all. I wish you all the love and joy in this new year


Tink said...

Our kids are growing up, aren't they? Isn't it wonderful to see them grow up and do more? What a blessing.

adrian said...
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Lea!~!~! said...

Hi mom how r u? HI!!!!!!