Oct 15, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Today was the last day of fall break for my kids and their friends who attend the local school district. I decided that I wanted to invite my friends and their children over to make sugar cookies and frost them. It was a wonderful day. My friend Julie and her 3 kids, Kylee, Megan, and Tyler came over as well as my other friend Cami and her 4 kids, Dallin, Hannah, Sarah, and Addean. My sister-in-law also came over with her 2 kids, Alexa, and Zach. Also my niece Kiana came over. I had so much fun and the kids all did great. I am glad that all our kids are old enough to play nice, and follow directions. My kids all grew up with my friends kids and of coarse hangin with the cousin are always fun. I am looking forward to doing this again next year and for many years to come. Thank you all that came and had fun with me and my kids.

L: Lea, Kylee holding Addeon, Alexa. Sitting down: Dallin. Right: Hannah, Chayanne, and Kiana. This is the big kids table.

Left standing: Nathaniel and Zach. Right standing: Sarah, Ella, Elijah, and Tyler. Megan is behind Nathaniel. This is the little kids table

Yummy Cookies waiting to be frosted.

Elijah was eating the cookies after he cut them out. But we found some for him to frost. He was so excited to have all his friends, big and small over at his house. I think he frosted those cookies really well.

Some of the finished product. All the kids had their own plates to put their cookies on.

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