Oct 11, 2010


Nathaniel & Ella showing off the flowers

Lea planting flowers

Chayanne planting flowers

Dan pulled out the dead bush so we can plant flowers
I am was getting fustrated with posting the pictures after writing my post. I kept cutting my pictures out. That is why they are first and out of order.
For Family Home Evening we planted flowers in the front of the house. I have never ever planted flowers in my entire life. When my husband and I were at Home Depot to pick out the flowers I felt so overwhelmed. I love to look at the flowers wherever I go, Home Depot, Wal Mart, Lowes, etc. but to pick them out was hard. I kept asking my husband if this color would match this color or should I just get the same flowers. Well this is what I picked out with the help of my wonderful husband. We had a blast planting. I t was great to get everyone (except Elijah because he fell asleep) involved. They look great and I love watering them every day.

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