Oct 6, 2010

Microburst 2010

We had a few days of storms here in Mesa AZ... We had a micro burst that gave us hail and wind and rain. It was the most beautiful storm I have ever seen. I only say that because I have never really seen this type of storm. Sure I have seen hail storms and rain and wind, but this storm was different. The wind was blowing the rain sideways. Boy did the rain blow hard. I think the wind was blowing at the speed of 75 miles. Because of the wind, my dead evergreen lost most of its needles. It sure did make a mess of my back yard. The wind also broke the side of my gate. Also due to the wind all my pretty flowers were blown off of my oleanders that line the back of my yard.
It rained hard. After the rain my street was flooded to the sidewalk. It was great. My back yard was also flooded. It also hailed and some were the size of golf balls. When it was hailing, it was so loud on my roof I could hear a thing. Elijah was taking a nap and slept threw the whole storm.
This storm moved to the north where it was reported as tornadoes that touched down. I think they counted six tornadoes. Amazing weather for a place like Arizona where we usually don't see this type of weather.
Here are some pictures.

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