Nov 20, 2008

Betty Sue !!!

This past Tuesday night for Enrichment our ward had a special guest speaker. Betty Sue from The Biggest Loser was our speaker. I am not sure if you watch The Biggest Loser, her daughter Ally won last season. She was the first woman to win on the show. Anyways, she was great. She had said that it was really hard to be on the show. She said she prayed every night while on the ranch. She had a lot to say about the behind the scenes.
She said that she had became closer to Heavenly Father and that her daughter was closer to Him than she had been for awhile. My mind is still trying to absorb everything that she said. I really felt the spirit that night while she was taking.
One of the things she said was that while she prayed for her daughter to become closer to God, she also prayed that she would find away to spread her experience to others. She than thought about talking to her sisters ( Relief Society). She said that we need to get in shape now. Because when we are called to walk to Missouri, we would only make it to Apache Junction. That is the next town east of Mesa about 16 miles or so.
A lot of things she said got me thinking. I don't want to spoil it for you if she comes to your relief society. She not only looks FABULOUS, she also has a very special spirit with her.
Her mom is in my ward here and if you would like her to come visit your enrichment let me know and I may be able to hook you up.
She was so expiring that I have made a goal for myself. I am giving myself a year and than I am going to walk to A J (Apache Junction) from my house. So I will be doing this walk Oct 17, 2009. I am going on a diet and going to lose weight. I am going to post my trials and triumphs on this blog.Fist of all I need to figure how many calories I need and keep a log. I also need to get organized so that I can do this. I may be silly starting right before the holidays, but why wait. I have waited for 12 yrs to finally commit to this. I need to do this for me and also for my family.

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