Nov 6, 2008

Feild Trip to the Farm

Today Nathaniel's preschool had a field trip to a local farm. It was great. Isabella and Elijah came with us. We rode on a pony, we milked a goat, and we even go to hold bunnies and chickens. We also learned what a turkey looked like before we ate it for Thanksgiving dinner. The best part was the hay ride. We found that during the hay ride, Isabella was allergic to hay. I had no idea :( She kept telling me that the hay hurt her, but we couldn't just get off the ride or we would be stuck somewhere in the tree orchard next to the farm. Her eyes started to water up and she sat on the trailer not the hay but that wasn't goo enough. She is better now but her eczema is back on the back of one of her legs. Over all we had a blast. It has been awhile since I really truly enjoyed myself with my younger kids.

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julie_77 said...

It sounds like lots of fun.