Nov 11, 2008

Veterans Day

I am so thankful for all the veterans old and new for what they do for me, my family, and especially you, my friends. I am thankful for their bravery for fight for our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to choose our schools, freedom to vote, freedom to walk down our streets safely. There are a lot more that I can mention. I am most thankful for our Heavenly Father who have created these heroes who He knew that were so brave and willing to do the things needed for our country.
I have a few military wives as friends who I am thankful for because they are letting their husbands and or themselves serve our country for our freedom. That is major for me because I am sure that it is hard to see your love ones go for a long period of time but they do it unselfishly. Thanks gals.
Being Native American (Navajo) I am grateful for any of my ancestors that may have served in the war. They are just now getting all the praises all these years, but I have known about them and I am grateful for their help also in fighting for our country.
Their are a lot of people out there that are upset because we are in a war right now. I just wish that they could just sit back and think about all that they have and realize that all these precious things we have just didn't get handed to them. We had to fight hard and we need to keep fighting if we want to keep what we have now.
I am sorry I am talking like this but I am just wanted to let everyone know that I am thankful and everyone else that are upset be thankful too. We live in a amazing country. God Bless America every day and every minute and every second.

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Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!