Apr 22, 2009

Elijah is 1 years old !!!

I can't believe how much my little man has grown. I still can't believe he is also 1 years old. Boy, time sure flies. We were on our way up to Payson Utah on Friday the 17th. Since it was Elijah's birthday we stopped in Page at Walmart for a few things. Dan bought cupcakes and a candle so we can sing Happy Birthday. We stopped in Big Water (pass Lake Powell). We all sang Happy Birthday and took a few pics. 
Although we were on a trip and we made a point to celebrate a family members birthday, my kids will always remember this. Here is a few pics of our little celebration.

Elijah on our trip. He was just a good boy the whole trip.

Dan and the birthday boy. I just love the back ground.
Dan, the kids, and the beauty of mother nature.
Elijah wanted to head dive in the cupcake but being on a trip we decided to use a cupcake model named Lea.

I wanted to post pics of Elijah's first year but all my loder pics are on the family computer. I am using a laptop and I haven't transfer my pics to a hard drive. When I do I will post more pics.

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Michelle said...

nice photos! we have celebrated b-days on the road too!