Apr 14, 2009

My Grandpa Carlisle

I am kind of feeling a little sad this week. I think its because I had to deal with some tough issues that I wasn't prepared for. For one is that my Gpa is not doing really well health wise. he turned 86 on Easter Sunday. He has lived a full life filled with family, love and a lot of happiness. He has an infection that is making him worse. I really don't know how much we will be with us.
He has had a tough few years that I am so impressed that he is still with us.
My gpa lives in Payson Utah. He has always lived there, in the same house. Because I live in Arizona, I wasn't around him as much as all my other cousins. But he always made me feel just as loved. It was like miles didn't keep him from loving me any less. It just meant that our time together was special and remember able. I loved him telling me about the war and how he fell in love with my grandma.
I remember when my dad got remarried my older brother and I stayed with him and my gma. He had this scooter that we would ride. He let my brother go around the block because he was older. Me on the other hand had to drive it up and down the driveway. What fun huh!!! But I got smart and decided to ride around his house. He had told me "Sis, you better not do that to many times or you will hurt your grandma's grass." So of coarse I stop just long enough to go in the house for a breather and than back out I rode. I could see him on the back porch sitting there and watching me. He didn't say a word and just laughed with me.
He and my grandma came to my wedding. He than again said "Sis I love you and I am proud of you." I love the way he said "Sis". It was with a little whistle. He always wore this brown overall that I just loved. He smelt like cherries because he worked in the cherry orchard.
He loved my grandma so much. He helped her with dishes. He was very easy to please. He always made a great fire.
I know I will see my gpa again. I know he will be reunited with his parents and will be waiting for his eternal companion.
Gpa, I love you.

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