Apr 3, 2009

My Cricut Machine

My wonderful husband surprised with with the new Cricut Expression. He bought it off the Home Shopping Network and it was a little cheaper than the actual website, infomercial, or even Walmart. It came with 4 cartridges and a cutting mat,spatula, and 2 packs of ink cartridges. I am not really into scrap booking or any other creative hobbies. I mainly do my canvas projects that have a pattern. I also sew a little and I cross stitch.
When I saw this Cricut on the infomerical with Chayanne we both just fell in love with it. I kept telling Dan to watch the infomerical and we looked on the website. I told him for my birthday (not until May) I would like to have this. We have a few months to save (this was in March). Well he bought it for me early and I just love it. So now I am getting antsy about making cards, quilts, Vinyl letterings. You name it I want to learn to do it.
I have made a few cards but that is it. I get a little nervous. On the other hand, Lea and Chayanne just love it. They are always asking to use it. I am sure they will be teaching me soon. Its not hard to use its just have to be creative. And the 4 cartridges have, don't have what I want to do. I am happy to know that I can get more cartridges Walmart and now at Target.

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