Apr 2, 2009

No Meat Please

I made meatloaf last night for dinner. Lea for some reason always refuses to eat any thing with hamburger meat. I don't know why, I really have to fight with her to eat it. The rule in our house is, you have to have to eat a little of everything on the table before you are done. And there is absolutely no snacking right after dinner. If you are still hungry you better get more of what is on the table. I am sure everyone has a similar rule at the dinner table. Well in order to get Lea to eat her meat loaf last night she wanted to put cheese on it to hide the taste. Well it looked gross but she ate it without a fit. here is a picture of her meatloaf before and after the cheese. I swear she is the most silliest kid in my family when is comes to any type of meat. She'll eat hamburger but it has to have cheese on it.

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