Aug 27, 2008

Ella and the scissors.

After the hair cut
Getting a hair cut

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Before the hair cut

A few weeks ago Isabella decided to cut her hair again. Out of all my kids she is the only one that has down this. I guess she was trying to pierce her ears with a rounded pair of scissors but instead she decided to cut her hair. I didn't know about the hair being cut until I was combing her hair out. I freaked because a big clump of hair fell out. So I took her straight to the salon to get her hair cut. Here is our journey.

1 comment:

clara said...

I think she is the future hairstylist in the family. she is so cute with her haircut. I remember when you cut your pigtails with my scissors that I cut my plants with.
But your hair did grow back okay.
Kids are curious all the time. I think that is part of growing up.