Aug 19, 2008

101 things about me

1. I love to read.
2. My family don't like it when i read because that is all I do.
3. I like to vacuum.
4. The sound of the vacuum relaxes me.
5. I love the sound of thunder bouncing off the mountains.
6. That happened a lot when we lived in Payson.
7. I miss living in Payson.
8. I love to take HOT baths.
9. I love big big bath tubs.
10. I love the smell of rain in the forest.
11. I love the smell of baby feet that had socks on all day.
12. I love the smell of a farm.
13. I don't like to do laundry or the dishes.
14. I dislike hot dogs.
15. I grew up eating hot dogs.
16. I miss see my family on my mom's side.
17. I like genealogy because i find it interesting to learn about my ancestors.
18. I wish I could commit to genealogy 100%.
19. I love that I am Native American.
20. I think some of the Navajo reservation is beautiful.
21. I would like to go on a mission with my husband.
22. I would like to visit Hawaii.
23. I also would like to visit Belgium and Holland.
24. I like the fact that Dutch people wear wooden shoes some of the time.
25. I love windmills.
26. I also like Belgium waffles.
27. I like to celebrate Sinterklaus when I lived at home with my dad and step mom.
28. My step mom is half Dutch.
29. I miss Dutch Chocolate that came in a "J" shape.
30. I like Christmas.
31. I like the meaning of Christmas but not what the world made it into.
32. I am proud to be an American.
33. I am proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
34. My favorite color is green.
35. My birthstone is Emerald green.
36. My favorite season is Spring.
37. I am not to fond of the city.
38. I love that fact that I get along with my mother and father-in-law.
39. I love babies.
40. I love being pregnant.
41. I could have babies all my life if I could afford it.
42. My labors from start to finish is less than 1 hour.
43. When my babies decided to come they come.
44. My last baby delivered himself.
45. Twice the Dr. has missed my labor by a few seconds.
46. All five of my kids were born naturally with no meds.
47. Three of them were induced.
48. I like dogs of all sizes.
49. I don't like going to the pound because i fell so sorry for all the dogs.
50. I wish I could take most of them home with me.
51. I dislike CATS!!!!
52. I am deathly allergic to cats.
53. I use to never be allergics to cats until I became pregnant with Lealynn my oldest daughter.
54. I love Hotmail.
55. I like to chat with all my friends and my aunts and uncles.
56. I like Yahoo games.
57. I like Scrabble.
58. I like UNO.
59. I like all sorts of card games.
60. I am sad that my older girls are turning into young ladies.
61. I am proud of their accomplishment they have had so far in their lives.
62. I am sad to say that I will miss my little man when he starts Preschool next month.
63. I don't like school.
64. I didn't have a boyfriend until after high school.
65. My first boyfriend was a return missionary that was just a friend whe he left my Sophomore year in high school.
66. I didn't like my husband when I first met him.
67. I am so in love with my husband now.
68. We only dated for 3 months before we got married.
69. I am so happy to know that he is mine for eternity and my kids are sealed to us.
70. I don't like the dentist.
71. Even after they numb me I cringe when I here the drills and see their little poky thing that goes in the mouth.
72. I am afraid of needles.
73. I am afraid of the dark.
74. I am afraid of spiders.
75. I am afraid of mice.
76. I am favorite fruit is Strawberries.
77. I had an unlce that owned his own dairy farm and made his own ice cream.
78. He made the BEST homemade strawberry ice cream.
79. I like ice because it makes my Pepsi nice and cold.
80. I sleep on my belly.
81. I like having my little kids sneak into my bed in the middle of the night to cuddle up next to me.
82. I am greatful for computers.
83. Because without computers my husband wouldn't have a job.
84. And I wouldn't be blogging and chatting with my friends at the same time.
85. I like cameras because I like to take pictures.
86. I want to be a photographer when I grow up.
87. I like being home with my kids and going to work when they are asleep.
88. I don't like to cook.
89. My husband is a great cook.
90. My husband taught me how to cook when we got married.
91. I like driving stick shifts.
92. I like to feel the power when I shift into the right gear.
93. I taught myself how to drive a stick shift with my freind/room mate's car.
94. I use to work in a salvage yard.
95. I was the secretary and took care of customers.
96. Iliked takeing inventory of all the junk cars in both the lots.
97. I liked watching them swish the cars and trucks and put them in a pile for recyceling.
98. I still don't know any thing about cars.
99. My husband is Jack of all Trades.
100. I hope he will pass that along to my sons when they are old enough.
101. My favorite snack is a Snicker bar chased down with an ice cold Pepsi.YUMMY!!!!!

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julie_77 said...

I never knew that you worked in a junk yard. It does sound like fun watching the cars being squished.