Aug 21, 2008

Sad story

I was at work yesterday evening when an older gentleman came up to me. He had explained that his wife just passed away a few months ago. He than said that he had this big 5 bedroom house. He is renting them out to foreign student and he needed to get them in living conditions. Well he came into Wal-Mart to find some sheets for the beds. He started crying saying that is wife took care of all the purchases for things like this. He was at a lost when it came to buy sheets for beds. I explained to him what 200 count, 300 count met and showed him the ones we had on sale. He was still crying when I also explained to him that he need a fitted sheet and a top sheet for each bed. I helped him pick out colors and also explained what the difference between the sheet where.
This got me thinking all night about what I needed to learn in case I was ever in this situation. I asked Dan if he knew the difference between top and fitted sheets. It is the little things that count when something terrible happens to a spouse. I know Dan had mentioned to me that he would be lost if something ever was to happen to me when it came to paying the bills. I don't get paper bills I do this all on-line. So I am going to write everything down so that I could make things easier if there was ever anything that happened.
This terrible thing could mean a lot of things. Some to mention, death, an illness, being in the hospital for any type of surgery....I am sure you all get the picture. I feel it is very important to be together on everything. I know we shouldn't be thinking about this but we need to be prepared for what ever comes our way. I am going to write down what I need to learn from Dan so that I can be prepared. I hope we live a very very long life together but anything could happen.
I pray every morning with a heart full of gratitude for all I have, even my husband. I literally would be lost without him. He is the best Hubby in the world.
Just a little thought. Thank You for listening, or reading :)

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