Sep 30, 2008

Face Book

I am so addicted to this site. I found a lot of my high school friends. I also found a lot of my cousins in Utah. They were all little stinkers when I left home and now some went on missions and some are engaged. Crazy how time flies.
This is very bad for me to be addicted to since I am suppose to really clean my house and pack so we can be out of here in 2 weeks. Oh boy. I better get busy.

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Heidi A. said...

Yes, I would LOVE to add you to our site

What a cute blog and I'm glad that you able to stay at home. That's a blessing and takes a lot of faith to do so sometimes! I wish you the very best!

If you get a chance will you place a link on your site back to ours? We hope it's a win-win to be able to intermingle with others and build each others' sites! Thanks.