Sep 28, 2008

Jack of all trades (my dear hubby)

So like i was saying a few blogs ago that my son broke our very expensive glass sliding door. My dear husband has been dealing with the fact of how are we going to pay for the door that cost 400.oo to replace. After a few days Dan went to the Habitat for Humanity's reuse it store. After a great deal of searching and searching HE FOUND IT!!! Yes this dang glass door only cost us 40.00. Can you believe it. I was so grateful. Thank You Thank You Habitat for Humanity. Not only did we get an awesome deal we also helped the reuse it store buy purchasing this door. I guess all the money they get goes back into Habitat for Humanity. I think that is an awesome organization. He brought the door home and he even replaced it all by himself. He is a great guy. And I have my door back.

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julie_77 said...

That is great news! I'm glad you were able to fix it for so cheap.