Sep 12, 2008


Wow how times flies. Allot has happened and I have been so busy that I haven't gotten a chance to update everyone. Lets see, where do I begin. Aug 31 was my wedding anniversary. Dan and I have been married for 12 years. Wow that is a time. It seems like we have been together forever. I am not a flower person. Only a few times in our marriage has Dan gotten me flowers. So instead of a bunch of flowers for our anniversary, Dan had called my little sister and my Dad and surprised me with their visit. It was so nice. My dad is still Dad but a little older. Its okay daddy, I still love you old or young, your still the best. My sister isn't little anymore. She has graduated from high school this year and is now going to a community college in Flagstaff AZ. She seems to like it there. We all had a nice visit.
Nathaniel just finished his 2ND week of preschool and loves it. He says he is a grown up now because he goes to school. He is doing so much better about this new adventure than I thought. My baby boy is getting big.

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