Sep 12, 2008


Yesterday after preschool Nathaniel asked me if I saw the big plane crash into the big tall building far far away. I told him that I do remember that day because I saw it on TV. And yes that it happened far far away. He said his teacher told the class about it because the flag in his classroom wasn't flying at the top it was in the middle. And they had a quite moment before school started. I thought was cleaver to explain as simple as possible why our flags are flown at half staff and why we have a moment of silence.
I do remember this sad part of history as if it was yesterday. I was living in Payson AZ. I was doing house chores when my mother-in-law called my and told me to turn on my TV. As I turned the TV the 1st plane hit the first tower. We just sat in silence as we watched what was unfolding right before our eyes. I called for my girls to come watch and we watched the 2ND plane hit the other tower. I could just hear the screams and feel the fear as I watched the plane crash into the 2ND tower. My heart just stopped. Than when the towers came falling down I was just in shocked and all I could do was watch with my eyes filling up with tears. How could someone so mean do this to our country? I kept asking this question over and over in my head for the rest of the day. That was a horribly day in the history of our country. Dan was working here in Mesa when this happened. He couldn't stop what he was doing but when he got the chance he called to see if I was okay. When he came home we sat and talked about what had happened to our girls. We told them not to fear because they weren't coming our way to hurt us. We said a very long and much needed family prayer that night blessing the victim's family and we prayed for the strength of our nation to bring these horrible people to justice.

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clara said...

way to go Nathaniel. I know that he will learn alot in preschool. It think it help little kids adjust to being in classroom with lots of kids.
I remember 9/11 I had called in sick when I lived by Gilbert Rd. Layne was ready to walk out the door for work when he saw the first plan hit the tower. He was could not believe what had just happen so he called for me upstairs when the 2nd one hit the tower and saw all the people jumping out the windows. It was a scary sight for me that day. I just cried and in shocked too.
that was my 9/11 day.