Sep 23, 2008

One upset little man

So last night I get this call from my husband. He was so upset because Nathaniel had gotten so mad at him that he slammed our back sliding door and shattered it. Unfortunately Nathaniel had to spend some time in his room. My husband had priced the door and it is going to cost us 400.00 to replace it. It must be one of those safety glass doors because it is shattered but the door is still intact.
Dan had a man to boy talk with Nathaniel and he said he is mad because we are moving and he doesn't want to move because he will miss this house. He has been a little turkey for a few weeks now. Of coarse Dan tried to explain why we are moving and were we are moving so that Nathaniel can try and understand. I can understand his frustration. We are just going to take it easy around him until we finally move.

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julie_77 said...

Poor kid, moving is hard. I'm sorry it is going to be so much to replace the door.