Jun 30, 2009

The Crawley's

My husband Dan was born in California. He spent about 12 years in a town named Potrero California. Potrero is just right by the Ticate Mexican border. While my husband was growing up there he had a best friend named William Crawley. William lived right by Dan house and they spend every minutes of the day with each other. One day William and Dan went on a go-cart ride. William was driving and of course Dan was the passenger. Who knows (but them) what all happened but Dan fell out of the go-cart. Dan broke his leg and was down for awhile. Nothing happened to William, but William being a good friend still visited my husband and they still did wacky things.Than my husband moved to Indiana. Dan said that was one of the sades times in his life, leaving his best friend.
They have kept in touch with each other over the years. In fact William came to our wedding 13 yrs ago. We have visited with him a few times since. William had a hard life after my husband left. His dad died about 4 yrs ago. William grew up living with just his dad. I am sure that alone was really hard.We had no idea and Dan was so sad he didn't let us know.
Well about 2 yrs ago, William changed his life and started going back to church. That is were he met his wife of 1 week.
William and Christine came to visit us the day after their wedding. We didn't make it to the wedding because we moved and they didn't have our new address and we think it go lost in the mail. Anyways, they were flying to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They said it was cheaper to fly from Phoenix than it was from LA. SO they decided to call us and we went out to dinner. It was lot of fun.
Christine is such a nice lady. She was amazed at all my kids. The funny thing about this whole marriage thing is that Dan and William teased the heck out of Christine when they were little. Well Dan says he never did but we know he probably did but not as much as William. But you know, when they would look at each other, with all that aside, they were truly in love with each other. It was great for my kids to see that, besides seeing that with their own parents.
We are so glad that Christine and William found each other. Congrats to the both of you.

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