Jun 23, 2009


My daughter Lea told me that I had a boring blog. She had said that I have not posted any thing fun that we have done since the end of school. One reason why is because we haven't really done any thing that I thought was fun. We have been staying home vegging out.
We (Lea and I) made a list of some of the things that we have done that I didn't post. So we will be going back to the last day of school.
Last day of school was the 28Th of May. It was a half day so I spent the day in Chayanne's class. I got to bring the 3 little kids to school. They had a lot of fun at school. The last day of school in Chayanne's class was Cultural Day. All the kids had to bring a dish from another culture to share with the class. Of coarse we brought Fry Bread. There was a lot of yummy foods. It was fun to spend that time with Chayanne. Ms. Driggers is a great teacher. Chayanne will have her again next year.
I didn't spend time with Lea in her class because Lea didn't want me to. Come on did you want your parent in your class on the last day of school. I sure didn't, especially in my 6Th grade class. I think Lea has finally reached that point in her life that she is cooler than your parents. That is okay, i don't think I could handle being in a room full of 6Th graders for more than a few minutes.
That pretty much sums up the last day of school. I did forget to take pictures that day and compare them with the beginning of the school year. Oh well I will try and do better next school year.

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