Jun 30, 2009

Isabella's 4th B-day Party

Ella's birthday was on the 10Th of June. That was the day we went to the Mercury game. I usually make cupcakes on my kids birth day because it is usually during the week. We will put a candle in the cupcake and sing happy birthday. And than we open presents from parents, and the birthday kids siblings. Since Ella's favorite color is pink I made pink cupcakes. And since she wants a horse so bad, she got a horse on a broom stick and it is also pink.
When I bought the butterfly cake pan (i thought she liked butterflies)I was excited and i showed it to her. She looked at it a minute and than she told me is didn't want a butterfly cake, she wanted a moth cake. Yes a moth cake. she is so funny. She said she thought moth were really pretty too. So on the day of her party, I told her I was making a pink moth and she was okay with that. Now with the tattoos. My mother in law bought her some tattoos and she wanted to wear them all. So there you have my tattooed daughter.


Kristi said...

What a cute cake and your daughter is so pretty. Cute blog too.

Jana said...

Thanks Kristi. And thanks for being my new follower.

julie_77 said...

You did a really good job on the "moth" cake! Happy Birthday Ella!